Freitag, 23. April 2010


and rocking!
Spent the day at home. Yeah that's not true rock'n'roll to be honest. XD
But I have been too lazy to go to university, so I decided to make the task for not attending class.
That was actually a very good choice.

Went for a wonderful walk later the day with my girl. Just visited Jysk to buy some new bedlinen. And decided to walk the way back to the city. Was a nice trip and very relaxing for my head.

Oh and I decided to share my cooking skill with the whole world. No, don't be afraid, I won't do videos and try to teach you (but maybe for Anni it would be a great idea ^^) I just took some pictures.

So first of all my tasty Noodle-Bolognese-Pot,
we had on monday. *yam*

And then on tuesday we had:
Farmer's Pot

And as a proof that it was truely eatable:

Okay now I am getting hungry again.

Oh and I have been baking some rolls today. They smell so delicious but more about this tomorrow. Need to go now.

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