Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Round 'n' round...

... that's how it goes.
Spent a great night yesterday at Amadeus with the girls.
Even though I felt like having a really bad day at the afternoon but after three tasty beers at home everything seemed to be fine again.
Tried some new drinks, talked a lot and laughed even more.
Thanks to you, girls.

Looking so forward to the weekend.
Hate this university stuff. It is so boring to learn shit about the "media in turkey". *moan*

maybe we are going to the gig at friday. Acutally Dany wants but I am not in the mood yet. Let's see. Earlier on friday we want to go swimming. ♥ Hopefully we won't oversleep again. And maybe after the gig we could have a drink at Tabu? That would be great. Like last weekend. ♥♥♥

And saturday we are going to enjoy the day. maybe I am going to cook some lasagne for my honey and at night ... we'll just enjoy some company :) and maybe going to Amadeus or something. Let's see.

I am hoping so much that the weather will be fine at the weekend this time.

And I'd finally love to make some Vodka-jelly. Or whatever I should call it in English.
In German it is simply called "Wackelwodka". Yammi...

But maybe I do have to wait until Vappu. But that will be a blast than, believe me.

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