Dienstag, 20. April 2010

This is how life goes...

No visitor this week. Mummy had to cancell the flights and we booked new ones for May. Still one month to go, but hei, better than nothing to be honest.

We spent a nice weekend. Although I was suffering from a lot of pain. Thanks to the guy who invented pain killers. :o)

On Friday we accidently ended up at Tabu. Actually we just wanted to go for another walk but then decided to get in for a sparkling wine.
Dany and me drank in the end two of those and played some cards. Was just a wonderful evening with a wonderful lady. ♥

The day after, saturday, we were supposed to go out but lost our mood for it straight after we had lunch.
Niin, actually the day was supposed to be totally different.
This time it was my turn to plan a perfect Schatzi-Nana-Day.
And as the sun was shining so bright the whole week I planed to go to Pyynikki beach to have a little picknick.
But saturday turned out to be the most rainy day - with a few aspects of snow also - of the whole week. No picknick, no nothing.
Moreover my pain started. Sigh.
After watching the football match (yay, they won) and talking to my mum (it was her birthday) we decided to go out anyway.
Got dressed and drank some beer and headed towards Tabu again.

Met the guys there, had just some little talks, but lots of alcohol. I enjoyed it. Dany was singing some Karaoke and we just had fun.

After this "Poision" Show we left Tabu to go to Amadeus.
I was really shocked how well filled the bar was but I guess there was some birthday party before or something. Whatever.
Anyway we got in and luckily I was drunk yet otherwise I would have gone crazy because of all those people.
Drank even more, had lot of fun with the people around.
Hopefully we could just repeat it as soon as possible.

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