Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

You give a kiss to a good friend

Or better say a 'küsschen' ^^
Or sometimes two, or three or even more.

We received our parcels from Germany today. All three, one day. That was a hard carrying work, as we had to pick them up at Posti and at Siwa. Fuck, how my arms hurt now.

But... it was worth the carying. We got a lot of chocolate and other sweets to gain a lot of weight *sighs* :)
And all our stuff we bought in Germany and weren't able to take back by flight.
Like shoes, jackets, shirts and so much food.We unpacked all of those parcels and spread the whole stuff in the kitchen. It was so much work to get some order in it but finally I won.

We went to our lunch date with Olga and yeah I was so suprised. I really enjoyed the Russian food she did for us.

Now we'd like to cook this as well. Let's see if we'll make it.
Oh and this time it's our turn to cook for her. On monday I guess. Something German.

But actually I also realized today that we still need to make some friends here at Tampere. I mean real friends. Some people you can hang around with, go for a walk when the sun is shining, go for a coffee or a beer or to have a pizza. Not only those you meet at the weekend at night when you are drinking. I have got drinking friends, yeah. But now I need real friends.
To be honest it is not the easiest think for me to make friends, as I need a lot of time to trust someone and so on... So, niin, doesn't matter.

By the way: It was fucking nice spring weather again. Just about 9degrees today but a lot of sunshine.

I want more!!

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