Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010


Finally it seems to become spring/summer.
Or at least today the sun was shining. :) And the next days there will be - according to the weather forecast - about 20 and more degrees. That sounds greet. The last days haven't been that exicting.

Dany and me went out a bit, had fun. A lot of talking, cuddling, loving. Sounds nice eh? It was.

Today Anni arrived at our place. We went to H&M because she needed some new stuff and later back home. Baking some tasty rolls and then went out for doing some sports. :)
Yeah, right. We did sports today.
The three of us armed with sports clothes and good mood went through our forests for some Walking-Exercise and then later some Fitness.
It was suprisingly a lot of fun and I am looking forward to do it again the next days.
Even if I think we killed Anni :)

Afterwards I have been cooking some food and we got ready for a little visit at Amadeus. Didn't stay quite long, cos we have been way too tired.
But I had to have my White Russians. ^_^

Anyway, as you see there is nothing big happening right now.
I am again praying that the volcano ash cloud won't show up here so my mummy can come around next week. Miss her so much.

There are some private plans at the moment that make me really happy ♥♥♥
Nothing more to say.

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