Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

But it was especially fun that night.

And again...
after finally 14 days not drinking and smoking I found my way out again.
Okay maybe it was two weeks without stuff like that but at least three weeks without even going out and having fun at all.
Sigh, way too long time. Definitely.

But now it's over.
Anni, Dany and me went to Groove on Friday.
In a good mood and interesting condition already as we arrived we continued with beer (or lonkero) and some Shots!
Don't know anymore what they were called but something with Pink blabla... although they were yellow O__o

But anyway, I was drunk and it felt so good after that long time without.
The night was such a blast.

Or let's call it
A SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah maybe we look like crazy there, we are actually normal girls just celebrating a girls night.

Later we said goodbye to Jana and Nadine (Dany's sister and cousin) because they left again back to Germany and we went through the waterfalls of rain to Amadeus.
But actually at that point I had enough yet and I just drank some water, had a little interesting conversation and some laughs with my girls.

The next morning we all three were wondering "oh we have been to Amadeus also? Oh yeah, I remember... how did we get back home?"

Please more of those nights!

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