Montag, 13. September 2010


Dear Weather,
would you be so kind and stop doing this to me?
Here in Finland we only have got those 1 - 2 weeks of autumn and I really want to enjoy those days. I love coloured leaves and the fresh air. Being shrouded in a cosy pullover, with some scarf and armed with the camera there might have been brilliant moments to remember.
But, and now it's your turn: You suck!
It's not like it is all in all grey outside, no! Now it started to rain like someone is taking a shower up there.
Of course, now as I do have a new umbrella, I can go out even when it rains. But it is not just those few drops but a proper downpour. No chance to stay dry outside. And I don't want to be ill, no way.
So, what I am asking you to do right now is very very simple. Stop the water, give us some wonderful autumn days. Please.

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