Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Frost is the greatest artist in our clime - He paints in nature and describes in rime

What the fuck?
That was my morning reaction today as I have been taking a look outside the window. Wuhaaa, it is froggy and looks totally cold. Now on my way to university I got the proof that it is fuckin' cold. The minus degrees arrived Tampere, means -1degree at the moment. That's not too bad but it'll get worse, for granted.
The weather forecast give green light to sun at least so I guess honey and me will spent the weekend outside. If hopefully nothing happens, like illness again or something.

I haven't been sleeping well the last two nights. Okay, some might say that it is no surprise but this time it was some other reason. It is all about this fuckin' cramps in my abdomen. Yeah, every month the same fun.
Took a bunch of painkillers yesterday and wasn't able to move for hours. I felt better in the evening, even ate something but at night it started to so badly again. Until this morning at about 6 a.m. the painkiller did not work. Juhuu, means a disturbed sleep and being totally fucked up as I got up at half past seven this morning. Sigh.

Anyway I managed to get up. That's something at least. I also prepared some food for honey cos she has got a long university day today. She won't be home before 15.30 o'clock I guess. I have been baking some roll and put salami and remoulade on it, then did some tomato-mozzarella-noodle salad in a rush and put those things with her joghurt drink and water bottle into her bag. Cos she was late like always in the bathroom. Haha.
I hate not seeing her for so many hours. Hmm. Sigh.

At the moment I am sitting at university, not knowing what to do cos the lecturer is talking and talking and talking and I am not interested in it. It is the same staff like he has been telling last week. Sigh.
Fortunately it takes place in some computer class today. So I can do what ever I want at the internet, like writing this shit here. Hehe.
The course lasts until twelve and then I am off as my Newspaper Language teacher is in Canada this week. Great.

I planed to do some houseworks today, like doing some laundry again and cleaning a bit but I am not sure if I'll manage cos I need to do my online-course homework first and then I have got Finnish course later.
Let's see.

Oh by the way, I just discovered that I had the thousandth pageview yesterday evening. Sounds great.
Okay dear people, who ever is reading this, feel free to give some comments. I love to read.

No idea what else to write about. So I should stop for the moment...

Just some picture of myself left, that was taken on sunday also.

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