Dienstag, 21. September 2010

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

And again shitty weather, though it was that nice outside yesterday. The sun was shining, no rain, not too cold and just a light wind. Perfect autumn weather.
I was so tired yesterday that we stayed in bed and got up at half past two or something. I took a shower and then she got the SMS if he is aloud to come over to see the tattoo thing.
Jap, that's what I call spontaneous. That's how Finns are, I guess. He stayed for about two hours. We had a lot to laugh about especially the German tryings and moreover a lot to talk about.
He left at 17.10 and we hurried up because we had an appointment with Nora and Annika at H&M. We wanted to check out clothes and stuff. I need a new pullover.

Actually H&M turned out to be a disappointment.
I checked the online shop some time ago and found some stuff I'd really loved to try out.
Like: This and That
But none of those clothes was available. That honestly sucked.
They just had ugly stuff or - if there was something beautiful - just size 34 and 42. Gnaahh...

And as it seems hearties are totally in at the moment. Just remember that awful skirt. Somehow it was nice but what do you want to wear it with? Just can end up in a disaster.
Whatever we went on to UFF (the second hand shop) but it got even worse and then to Sepälä.
There we actually had a lot of fun, at least I had because I had to laugh so hard about Annika and Dany.

We went to McDonalds after, cos Dany and me were so fucking hungry and wanted to eat a burger for weeks now. It was delicious.

Back home we just cuddled. Talked some minutes and I fell asleep at 20.30 p.m.
No joke, I was that tired.
I woke up at midnight again, thinking that it is about four a.m.  and again at three a.m. staying awake for two hours then cos I wasn't able to sleep anymore.
How I hate this sleeplessness.

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