Montag, 6. September 2010

Live For Today...Plan For Tomorrow...Party Tonight..!!!

This is what we did on Saturday.
It was Danys after-birthday-party cos we haven't been celebrating her birthday yet as we spent it at the airport waiting for our flight back home.

But this Saturday we planned to celebrate.
She invited a few friends to our place and I have been baking some cake and stuff. Or actually we have been baking ♥ cos the last cake was a co-creation.
Have a look:

I have been the dark side and she the bright one (black and white chocolate) but in the end, I won. Hehe.

We spent about two or three hours at our place, eating, drinking, talking and laughing a lot.
My bad mood was gone very fast after I drank two beers and a another few later I was in a fuckin' good mood. Haha.
At about ten o'clock a few left for home, two left to some event at Dog's Home and the rest to Groove.
Oh how i missed Groove. Haven't been there for about three month. That was a shock as I realized that the last time we've been there was in June.
Anyway, we had of course even more fun there.

Have been playing with lipstick and did thousand of kisses to some stupid papers.
After we finnished it looked like we had some beauty party or something.
Very freaky actually.
But hei, we are girls, we are allowed to.
And we've been drunk.
Just as an excuse.

And of course, how could I forget about that. We had to have some shots.
This time there was a 2€ Shot called LOL. Sounded funny, we thought, so we had to try. Actually I guess it was the same like this UFO think cos it had the same colour and also almost the same taste (liquorice).
(To be honest, I really have no clue why I am  looking so freaky in this totally wrong direction ?!?!?)

And as it seems the LOL made Anna believe she was a vampire.

All in all it was a fucking funny night. I am so sad we took just this few pictures cos the night continued afterwards.

Short summery:
We met Annika and Nora again, decided to go to Amadeus. Amadeus was way too full, we left again. Decided to go to Pikajuna. On the way we met Jyrki who looked according to Annika like a pig with make-up. Hehe. The girls tried to get him somewhere, as long as he is not standing in the middle of the street or something. It was some challenge. Nora and I went to Dog's Home for toilet and then to Tiikerihai cos Pikajuna was way too full, too.
The girls came to Tiikerihai, we left, for whatever reason and were thinking about going to Dog's Home (at least to check if Jyrki is still alive) but same shit there. So we rescheduled and went to our place.
Ate the rest of the cake, had some drinks. Anna and Verena left to take the bus, Annika later also and Nora and Anni stayed at our place.
Bedtime about 4.30 or something.

Anyway, more of those nights please.


  1. XDDDD I guess Anni meant the singer of this band which played in Dogs Home looked like a pig with makeup XDDDD
    It was hilarious!#

    But SO funny! Thank you!