Montag, 20. September 2010

Round and round and round it goes...

Hui, what interesting days :)

Yesterday ended way better than it started. Alina and Anne came around and we played some Ligretto. Gnaahh I didn't win :) Maybe caused of the alcohol. Cos as I told already in an earlier posting I was in drinking and fun mood. So I started drinking at six p.m. and we continued until half past nine.
Alina at our place, feeling quite ehm okay.
 Maybe it was kind of enough for some of us. (waving to Alina. hehe.)
Short summary of what I tried: Vodka Energy, Beer-Cola, Cola-herbal-liqueur, herbal-liqueur and some sips of 43 with milk.
More than enough I'd say.

At ten we arrived at Groove and got in, waiting for Verena and Anna which arrived half an hour later or something. It must have been so funny for others cos there were three 'lesbian' couples at one table.
Anyway, we had fun. Oh yeah, we had.
Dany, Alina, Anne, Verena (Anna was smoking. Shame on her. And I took the picture.)

Some of the guys were around and we had great talks with them, a lot of cuddling and laughing. Not only guys but also Pilvi (with whom I was talking so long at the bar and don't remember half of it anymore. shame on me!) and later Mia showed up. Haven't seen her for so long and already missed her. Was so nice to talk to her and I am so much looking forward to meet her soon.

We had some beers (or Lonkero for the ladys. Haha) And some LOL.
And guess who always had to go to the bar to order the drinks?
Right. Me! It looked like I am a neverending hole for alcohol. Ha.
Highlight was definitely the partitive of LOL as I had to order 'some' more than just one. LoLiä. Sorry my dear Finns but that sounds just funny. Discovered by the way that there are two different LOLs. A pink one (that I drank two of) and the yellow one everyone else was drinking.

Verena and Anna had to leave at about midnight cos Verena didn't feel that way. And the rest of us ended up joking around with some Mister at the table for another two or more hours (I had actually no feeling for time anymore.)
I don't remember when we have been laughing that much the last time. Stupid stories, more stupid jokes, missunderstandings, language tryings and stuff. Everything was available.
I drank another few beer and this very hard mixture of this guy up there. Water plus Lonkero.
Ok, I am just joking. No, not about the water plus Lonkero. Actually I liked it, cos it wasn't that sweet. But it is not hard stuff. Haha.
Wuhuu hard stuff.
And at about half past two we decided to head for home. Alina and Anne had to take the bus and we guided someone home and got back to our place and finally into bed at 3.30 a.m. or something.
I fell asleep immediately.
In that case I have to say the biggest Thank Yous at all. And all of them needed to be mentioned by name, because I owe them some thanks.
Kiitos to Alina, Anne, Anna, Verena, Pilvi, Mia, Janne, Harri, Matti and of course my sweetest girlfriend ever Dani.

Last but not least I want to end the remake of the day with the most funniest quote at all.
"Wow, look almost everyone here is starting with an 'A'. Alina, Anne.... *looks* Asshole!"

Four hours later I woke up of the noise made by Dany who was showering or whatever and then getting onto the sofa with the computer. I stayed awake from 8 a.m. onwards cos I wasn't able to sleep also.
It was not like I had a hangover, no I was simply still drunk.
This is actually how I looked like totally fucked up.
I took some vitamins and ate something and cuddled with honey.
We have been staying at the sofa until three o'clock. Then started to dress ourselves cos Alina and Anne were coming around to say bye before Alina leaves to Helsinki again. They have been staying for about two hours, ate some cake, took some vitamins also (cough.... have you been drunk the night before eh?) and talked. Simple stuff I so fuckin' enjoyed.

At five the next visitor appeared and stayed for about 45 minutes to talk a bit and checked out some tattoo thing.
After that I started to prepare dinner and we ate. And at about 8 p.m. Anna and Verena came around.
Tea Party. Smile.
We drank, as you might guess, some tea, Anna ate - at least it felt like - a thousand burgers and we had a lot to talk about.
Three hours later they went home and we headed to bed, where I am at the moment. Dany is sleeping next to me and I am - surprise - awake.

That was enough for a weekend right?
But I loved it.
This is how I imagine enjoying life.

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