Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Summer's gone by

Time goes by that fast.
Summer is gone already.
This morning have been about 2 degrees outside. Yeah, fucking cold as you can see. Time to get the winter clothes out.

The two weeks in Germany went by as if we just have been for about two days. My brother was here with us the week after. This also was way too short time.

It was a funny time with him. We had so much to laugh about.
Hopefully he's coming back soon.

Now it is september again.
My university courses start next week. Danys' already did yesterday. She's at university right now and I am writing some stuff at the computer.

Last week we started with walking again and have been talking some tour through the forests with Nora. To be honest, we got lost and went in circles but luckily we found our way back.
The weekend was a kinda quite one. On friday Anni & Anni (hehe) were here to spent some hours with us. We did some salad, sausages and baguettes and talked for hours until 1 a.m..
Saturday and most of the sunday we spent in our -still not existing - bed cos we've been ill. -.-
And to be honest I still don't feel totally healthy again. But of course a lot better.

Yesterday Anne arrived and we picked her up at linja-autoasema. Spent some hours with her until she was able to get to her 'new' flat. She's going to stay in Tampere for about six weeks.

Let's see what today will bring.
I am going to visit Dany at her university for her break soon.
And later that day we've got the first lesson of our Finnish course. i am so looking forward to this.

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