Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Thunder clouds do not always give rain

Wuhaa days go by so fast. I can't believe it is wednesday already.
Hmm, the weather honestly really sucks.
I was so much hoping for a wonderful cosy autumn, full of colours and time for long walks.
But how looks reality like? Rain.
Rain, rain and even more rain. Storm and even tonight there was a thunderstorm. Everything looks grey and sad.
Were is this luminousness of autumn I am so in  love with?

University started last week, finally.
It is... hmm.. to be honest. Boring and stressy. I enjoy this one course called "Newspaper Language" but we've got a lot to do there. Had to write an article from friday to monday and we always have much homework.
By the way, I wrote and article called "The naked Finns". Hehe.

Haven't been out for a while. No bars and stuff. Except Dany's birthday party we weren't drinking and smoking and stuff for the last weeks since we came back from Germany.

However, today we are going to have some fun again :)
We'll go to Amadeus Music Bar later to see those guys:

It's a long time ago we have been seeing them. Missed their music and show but moreover I missed the guys. I am not used to see them that rarely -.-
Needs to be changed again.

So I guess I am going to have some Mysli (Vodka- Engery) now and start to get ready. My girl wants to do some make-up, hair whatever experiment with me.
Let's see how I'll look like later. 
But I trust her, so it will look good. I am sure!

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