Sonntag, 26. September 2010

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

Ok, I promised some review of the last days.
A short summary of the not that great things: University is stressing and my health sucks.

Tuesday was full of rain and nothing more. I felt bad and didn't have a good time at all that day. Except of some hours as I had a visitor here at my place and I just felt comfortable.
I don't know if it is the autumn-mood or my state of health or whatever that makes me feel that down at the moment.
Anyway, wednesday wasn't that different from the day before.
I got some visit, too. This time in the early morning. Just enjoyed it. Later I fell asleep (like almost everyday) and we went to university in the evening for our Finnish Society and Culture course.
It was ... okay. Topic was Finnish literature, so you can guess that I have been at least somehow interested.
It was sad they didn't tell anything about the current authors. Hmm...

Thursday began with university again. I managed the first three hours but then my body did not allow me anymore. I was - to say it like that - visiting the toilet and just went home to stay in bed and relax a little bit. Cos I had to go to the Finnish course anyway. Have been missing already and it lasts just two more weeks. Exam is at October, 5th.
We were honestly bored at the Finnish course because we just did simple stuff.
So the problem is definitely not the grammar but the talking. I should dare more often to use the Finnish language. Easily said...
As we were on our walk back home Dany got a phone call. A friend asked to show up and have some drinks with us.
Yay, I felt so like drinking that day. I loved him for the suggestion.
We went to the supermarkets to get our stuff, started drinking already and waited a while. Yeah, Finns. ... They show up when they are in the mood to. At about midnight he finally came along with some friend of himself.
The two guys were staying for about 3 and a half hours. We just have been talking, talking and even more talking. Had a lot to laugh and discuss about. Drank some beer, cider and in the end some Vodka.
I just enjoyed this night. And as it seemed all the others as well.

Luckily I didn't have a hangover the next day. But still felt sick. I have been sleeping very very long that day and just got up for preparing dinner.
As there was some phone call again and the question to show up at his place to have some nice hours together.
Yeah, do it, we decided. Went to his place, had some tea and juice. Watch some clips, listened to some songs, talked and laughed even more. Can't remember the last time the both of us - Dany and me - were so fuckin' relaxed. Hmm.. sigh.
Oh and I totally fell in love with his two cats. ♥♥♥ Even though the one was always crawling into the bag we were not allowed to take this beauty with us. Hrmpf...
After about four or five hours we went back home to just fall into bed and sleep. (at least dany did immediately, for me - like always - it took some time)

And today?
Hmmm........... Sigh. Nothing.
We were staying in bed, cuddling and just enjoying being together. Just went out for some little trip to the supermarket cos we needed kidneys and milk. I made dinner and we headed back to bed. Watching 'Ghost Whisperer' and held each other close.
I like days like those. ♥

Now, as it is after midnight, we have to celebrate something.
Our 1000 Days anniversary.
Yeah, I know it is stupid to count the days, but everyone else is celebrating yearly or monthly anniversary, we wanted to do something special.
Actually we planed to go out to have some dinner but as I don't feel very well at the moment I am not that hungry that I'd like to eat somewhere else.
I guess we will just have some nice walk tomorrow and at night we will go to Groove's VIP party and have some drinks.
Short: Just loving each other. ♥♥♥

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