Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

The other line moves faster.

Uuuhhhh, nothing to tell, as it seems.
I don't know, I am just feeling my loveliest feeling again: I am feeling WEIRD.
Great, isnt' it.

After being knocked out for two days thanks to some girls stuff I am alive again. Yesterday we went to the Finnish course again to get totally bored, once more. Okay okay, of course there are things I don't know that well, still... But the exercises bore me a lot. My problem is this fucking speaking. I really should start with it. Sigh. Always the same.
It was the last course before our exam on tuesday. I am just going to learn some vocabulary and that's it. I don't think Dany and me need to practice the grammar again.
And then let's see how course number two will be.

We have been to IKEA today. Almost 5 hours. That's no joke, no way.
Went there to have some breakfast and spent just about 2 hours at the restaurant. We were just talking. It felt so great to talk talk and talk and listen of course. I love those conversations with honey. ♥
And of course the breakfast was totally delicious.
I need to put a pic online tomorrow.

We were walking for ages through the store, at least it felt like. Found thousands of things we need (of course need desperately. haha) and took some with us yet.
We bought some shoe rack to get rid of our chaos in the corridor, some stuff to get some order into our cupboards, a beside table, some kitchen tools, a standard-lamp (cos it is so dark in our room those days), some laundry rack plus equipment and a bathmat.
I guess that's it.
Oh and of course some jam and ice cream. Smile.
And I am not IKEA family member. Finally. I just have to wait for the card to arrive...

We have been back home about 4 p.m. or something and I immediately unpacked all the stuff and built it up. I did the laundry and tried out the new laundry rack and also we got our chaos in the corridor defeated.
Honey built up the lamp and we did dinner together. After eating I was just so damn tired that we headed to bed at about 8p.m.
Yeah, that's right. Friday night bedtime at eight p.m. and I feel quite comfortable with it.

But as usual, honey is sleeping peacefully and I am totally awake.
And more thinking.

There are too many things in my mind and I don't dare to speak them out. Better keep them locked.
In this case, good night.

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