Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea

Haven't been writing almost the whole week here. Shame on me.
But actually there is not much to tell.
Maybe I could give you a short summary:
I did my boring homework which took me ages - at least it felt like. And I am still not done for this week.
University is boring and I am stressed of it.
On Tuesday we did our Finnish Exam. I did not learn at all and I almost regreted it but there was no need to. I just did mistakes with two of the verbs because I haven't been concentrated but the rest was quite easy. No need to worry.

Autumn is still beautiful. The leaves are falling way too quick in my opinion but the weather is fine, though it is freaking cold yet. I don't remember that we had more then 10 degrees this week.

Tuesday also was some kind of sad day cos I was arguing but no more words about that. It is fine again. ♥
And I had some nice visitor and spent some relaxing moments.

Yesterday Anne came around cos she is leaving soon back to Germany. How fast five weeks pass. I cannot believe it is so long ago we picked her up at the station. Hmm...
I think we have been seeing way too seldom but there was no time to meet more often.
But it is not like it is a goodbye forever, we'll see soon again, I am sure.
At least we meet one more time tomorrow. Dany and me are going to the train station when she is taking the train to Helsinki. Saying bye and getting the keys back for her.

I am at university right now but feeling quite bored. Luckily the lecture is soon over and the other one - again - is free today cos she is ill. Let's see how she'll handle it then. I guess she will do the lectures some other time.
Gnah, I am so hungry right now but don't want to put out my salami roll because if I am eating it now the whole classroom will smell like it. Sucks.

I still feel ill. It is not better at all. Okay, and I still haven't been to the doctor. Just planed to go there next week together with Dany. Cos I don't wanna go alone and we are searching now for a time we can go together. There will be a lot of checks needed I guess.

Oh I just realize I haven't been writing anything about the weekend yet. Hmm. I guess I'll do it later also. And use some pictures, too. It was a very spontaneous and funny one. But later more.

I bought some more booklets to write. And I started to write so much but I am not finishing it. I am angry with myself cos of this.

Right now I just want to start something new, I want topics to write about, ideas.
I just need some hints and maybe I'll be on board again.
Any ideas?

That's it for the moment I think. I just should try to listen at least a little bit or something. (Yeah the girl in front of me is playing solitaire and the other one memory... no more comment)

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