Sonntag, 11. April 2010


I really should start to enjoy my free days. Hmm... But it is not that easy as it sounds. I always feel stressed, even though there is nothing I have to do those days.
My next university lecture is at april, 19th. So I have the whole next week for hanging around. Honey has got almost the whole week free as well. So what shall we do?
Dunno yet. Let's see. I'll guess we have a few ideas.
I never get bored with this sweet little thing ♥Okay I am sure she'll hate me for that one. But that is the proof. She is the most adorable person on earth. ♥♥♥

My girl ♥

Actually I guess we are going to the swimming hall next week. Finally. For how long actually did we plan this? Too long.

Oh and we'd love to go bowling but I guess we wait until my Mummy is back in town. Just 9 days left. ♥ Even though I don't have any idea where to go for bowling in Tampere but I am sure I'll find out.

I am so much looking forward for her holidays. I mean, what to show your Mum? Actually she has seen so much of the city yet the last times she had been here.
And hopefully the weather will be fine.

Today, by the way, was one of those weird days again. We have been hanging around a bit and I have been watching football (Schalke lost -.-) and we started to drink. I was honestly pretting drunk when we left the building but as we arrived at the bar I felt almost sober again. And tired and not in the right mood. The show was great but I just felt weird.

Hmm.. what else to tell. Nothing I guess. It was just nice to see the guys again even though everything felt weird.

I have got a resolution for the next days:
Feeling less weird and enjoying life more.

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