Samstag, 10. April 2010


Germany is way too long ago. I really enjoyed my holidays there. Mostly because I saw my family ♥ As you can see on the pic we had a lot of fun with my mum. The cocktail in Cologne really rocked. XD
We booked the new flights for our summer vacation yet. 31.07. - 16.08.
Still a long time to go but mummy is coming in about 10 days again to Tampere. ;o) That will be a rocking week.

While looking at the picture I realize how much I miss those days. The family, the food *hehe* and all what we did. We spent such a nice time in the bars :)

But now we do here as well. Weekend is calling. Tomorrow out at Dog's Home and maybe Tabu/Groove or something. Let's see.

Good night Tampere.

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