Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

My prayings might work...

Weather was so fine today. ☼
And as the sun was shining I went for a little walk. All alone cos Dany had to do a lot of homework for her university courses tomorrow.
It was somehow freaky to walk through the forest to the lake. So silent, a bit frightening.
I had a lot time to think, too much, I guess. But it felt great to hear just nothing. Maybe it made up my mood a bit.

I took the camera with me, just to catch some impressions.

For even more pictures, check this out: LahjaDea-Lost in Neverland

And now I should continue to pray for more of those days. But unfortunately I think we won't have that much luck on Vappu.

Spent a great evening also. At Jack The Rooster. Even if I got now more stuff to think about... Everything is also so difficult.
The mood was a bit...hmm let's say weird but all in all it was fun.
By mischance the guys didn't make it to the finals. But hei you can't win every day.

I really should go to bed now as I have to get up early tomorrow. But like I know myself, it might be a mostly sleepless night again. -.-
Anyway, have a nice night and great dreams. ♥

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