Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

Starting to get hungry

While I am waiting for Dany, who's still at university, I have to fight with my stomach. Cos it is so fucking hungry. I didn't have breakfast or anything and I want to wait with lunch until she's back. Hopefully she's coming soon.

Because of this I unpacked some pictures from last week's cooking.

Some noodle-chicken-pan

And of course not to forget my bread backing. I didn't want to eat this ruis-leipä anymore so I decided to bake some very simple white-bread. And it tastes fucking good.

Wanna see how it is made? Check out this: RECIPE
Gotta go and bake some new one, as it is almost gone. :o)

I am still feeling a bit sick. Took some medicine today and went to bed again for some hours. It worked. I feel a lot better now. But still I guess I should take it slow, otherwise I won't make Vappu.
So I decided not to go to the Finnish Class today. I am going to tell the teacher I am ill, what's actually true.
It is not like I'd miss a lot there, since it is everything familiar to me and actually totally boring. I am just waiting for the advanced courses but they start in summer. Sigh.

And it seems also I am not going to Ruma tonight. Would love to see if the guys suck covering Nirvana or if there might be a chance I'd like them.

You never know.

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  1. I am just getting hungry, honey u got to bake a new bread ^^ btw did i already mention somewhere how much I love you my lil girl???:o)
    sooooooooooo much ;)