Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Black Beauty

Oh yeah, that she is...

isn't she?
I mean look at this guitar.. I can't help myself, I have to admit I fell in love with this lady.

But yeah, I know you can't marry a guitar. But if so... hehe this one would be one of my favourites. Would love to hear someone playing on it...
Would be a great symphony, I'm be sure.

To be honest I decided a while ago yet that I want to start again with playing the guitar.
Not with such a majesty of course just a lil bit acoustic guitar playing.
Yeah, that might be hard cos actually I don't remember almost anything from former lessons. After all they are about 10 years ago.
But somewhere deep inside my head the 4 years (i guess) of practicing the guitar must be somewhere kept... i least. :o)

So I took a look around to find some not that expensive acoustic guitar to start with but then I thought it might cost the same or might even be cheaper to get my guitar from Germany to Finland the next time I am there in summer. So let's see hopefully I'll manage to. Would really really love to play again...


  1. Why do everybody call a guitar a "lady"? Cos this black beauty looks actually like a lord :D!
    Black Lord ^^