Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Hot in the city...☼

It was a hot friday in Tampere and what are you doing on such a wonderful day? Yeah, having fun!

Spent the day outside most of the time and waiting for Jannes to arrive. Anni has been there at our place before.
Got ready for the night, drank a few beer at home and got prepared to get into the park. Means mixing the Koskenkorva with Cola :o)

At Sorsanpuisto we found ourselves a tiny and cosy place to sit down and enjoyed the last sunny hours of the day.

As the other were way too slow I drank three quarter of the bottle all alone and the result was visible after I got up and we decided that it was time to go to Tabu Vip Party that started at 9pm.

At Tabu we got some free drinks offered, watched the ice hockey game and meet some familiar faces.
And thanks to this girl you see at the left side of the picture - Mia (she paid the round of drinks..) - ...
and those drinks you see below - fucking little bastards - ...I got a bad hangover the day after...Sigh.
Wuhh what a night. But a really good and funny one.
My apologies to everyone I was talking to :) for whatever ... ^^

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