Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010


Or something like that.
The sun was shining bright today. And we really enjoyed it.

Got up earlier today to get the stuff to the flea market. Then back home (cos we had to bring the bag back and the stuff Anni bought) and back to town again.
Some round at the other flea market and through Koskikeskus. And then we headed to Koskenranta.
Placed ourselves onto the grassy ground and had a lot of fun. Drank some beer and lonkero, were amused about the people around and talked a lot of shit.

What a great summer day. I want more of those. Maybe tomorrow? The weather forecast sounds good.

At the moment we are getting ready for tonight. First the gig at Yö-Talo and then maybe having some beers somewhere. Dunno yet.

And we decided to walk back home tonight. Let's see if I am still able later. ^___^


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  2. yeah finally we have the sun attracted ;P... hotties in the sun at koskenranta ♥
    love to be here with you girls, every day is so special and so...almost perfect - almost absolute bliss!
    want to have it like that forever ♥♥♥