Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Time goes by...

It was such a great time the last weeks.
The weather was so fucking nice, no wait it was FUCKING HOT. Oh and how I enjoyed it...

Where should I start?? Oo
Maybe just doing some retrospect...

let's start for now with the first hot days. ☼

The weather has been that fine that we spent almost the whole time outside.

Here at Koskenranta, with a fresh cold beer....

...that had its effect immediately as we got up from the grass.. :) beer and sunshine = pretty drunk at 3pm Oo

At the swing in our backyard, cos we had to wait for the bus and just enjoyed sitting there with our wine and beer and stuff..

Or even later at Groove as we have been watching the IceHockey game between Finland and USA... That was a great game actually. We all died of pulsating.

Or the days we tried to get rid of our hangovers :) and Anni's desperate try to read a book. But what the fuck was wrong XD???

So, as you can see it was such a great time... but this is only part one... two and three are following soon :o)

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