Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010


Vappu weekend is over now. And I am honestly suprised I survived it.
Felt ill the whole weekend, had some fever and stuff but alcohol seems to be the best medicine.
(our jelly vodka thing has been so fuckin' tasty *yammi*)

Lori, Anni und Jannes have been here and we had a lot of fun together.
Even though the weather wasn't that fine and the circumstances either.
But I am proud of myself, I made the best out of it.

Anni, Lori, Dani and me at our balcony.
Getting in the right mood. ♫

Later that day, at Tabu. Dani, me and Jannes.
Still preparing. Smile.

And the day after at Bar Bulldog, Dani and me.

We went also to the city to visit the little market thing at keskustori, was fun too but a bit too crowed. Yeah, I know I am way to sensitive when it comes to crowds. Sigh.

We drank a lot, but not as much as I expected. Still have got a lot of beer at home. hehe.

So now a new week began. I am still somehow sick. Spent the day in bed, having a rest.
But I guess tomorrow it is time to leave the house again.
City, maybe flea market, Swamp (buying the concert ticket for Popeda's gig on wednesday), Language School and maybe later Amadeus for one tasty drink.

But for now it is half past two. Dany is sleeping yet and I am supposed to sleep as well. But too many things in my head. The next days, missing, worrying, a baby ♥ and stuff.


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