Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

What a great wednesday.
Just plan some 'couple-date' with Verena & Anna.

We met at about 21 (okay we have been a bit late cos I wasn't able to find something to wear in my cupboard ^^) o'clock at Koskenranta. Armed with some beers we placed ourselves to the both who were waiting for us.

No, Verena didn't pee at the blanket. It was just her Cider.

But, you should never let a drop go...

So Anna new, what to do:

And licked it away :)

No more comment about that :)

But after some time we desperately needed to go to toilet and as I really really hate public toilets we decided to go to our place. There I also made some Pizza and we spent an hour at our balcony. Drinking, laughing and talking a lot.
Then we went off to Jack The Rooster. No idea why we choose that bar but it seemed to be the only option.
I actually new I had enough so I ordered just a some cola and got totally tired af tired after some time.

We went home at three I guess.
I so fucking much enjoyed that evening.

Thank you, to the both of you, Verena and Anna and of course also to my darling Dani.

I am in urgent need to repeat this!!!


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