Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

In summer, the song sings itself.

We actually spent so many hot summer days within the last weeks that I haven't been able to write here regulary. We spent days in the parks, at the lake and at the balcony. Just enjoyed the sunshine and had fun.

Tammerfest happened actually without us.We were only supposed to go to two gigs but we had to skip one as we didn't get into the bar anymore. Too full. But anyway we had a nice day at Dog's Home, with the nices company ever. :)
The other gig we finally attended was just HOT. Because it felt like sauna in that little cafë.

After all, I didn't like the city to be that full and I just did not want to see anyone of those people.
So it was very very welcome that - as we had a nice hang-out at Sorsapuisto - we were invited to spent a night and day at Pälkäne at some house.

Got there with the guys and had a lot of fun and way too much alcohol to be honest.
Can you imagine that we almost managed to empty 24 beer, 32 lonkero, a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of Brandy at one night with five people?
I still feel sick when I am thinking about that.

To make it short: We drank a lot, ate delicious food, went to Sauna (NAKED!! Oo) and several times swimming (also NAKED!!!), sat outside and enjoyed the lovely summer night, talked, sang and talked even more.
I just remember that I fell asleep at about 7.30 a.m. and got up at 12 p.m. again. A bit troubled by the tiredness and maybe a lil bit hangovered.
After a tasty breakfast we went to do some 'sightseeing' and swimming again before we got home to Tampere at about 6 p.m. again.

That was the weekend I needed so much. Even though I was fucking tired I felt totally relaxed and so much better after my 'bad-mood' week.
Thanks in that case to Dino, Jaakko and also his brother Mikko. We enjoyed being together with you.

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