Samstag, 18. September 2010

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

Autumn's calling???
Okay at least some moments of the day seem to be like 'real' autumn. Despite of the other moments which were full of rain the sun seems to give its best today.
Even if some other people are still fighting about sun and rain dance stuff I enjoy both kind of weather.
I love the sun like in this very moment. It shines through our window and lightens the whole room.
But I also liked the rain today. Okay I was outside and ran into this downpour. Anyway, if you watch the rain from inside it is really nice.
To go out I still prefer the sun shine.

Enough of this blablabla.

We went to Ilona Shop today to bring the rest of the clothes there. At the moment we are selling our stuff at this fleamarket. It is always a hard carrying thing. But hei, we managed it.

About 1 1/2 hours ago I prepared lunch and we had some 'Pasta AliBaba'. Tasted quite okay even though it might have been better with rice instead of noodles.
Now we are sitting here and waiting for Alina or Anne to call or sent a message so that we know when they'll show up at our place or if we meet somewhere or whatever.
Cos I need to get some drinks for tonight. I am so much in the mood to go out today. Maybe Amadeus or Groove, i don't know. As long as we go out. And I want a huge amount of alcohol in my veins. Maybe some Vodka and beer and everything else.
My girl said today something like "We are young, who knows how long we have got the chance to live ..." to me. And so I decided to enjoy more.
That's it.

For now, I done again. Nothing more to tell.
Except of the fact that I am still or again tired. But that's nothing new :)

Bye bye, see you later.

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