Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn

My intention the whole day was to write something about last sunday. Not that many words but at least a bit.
But I didn't find time to do so. First I had a bunch of homeworks to do, then I had some chat via FB with someone (♥) and soon it was time for Finnish lesson.
Gnaah, it is somehow boring there. It is so stupid, I feel so odd there. I mean, they speak, almost everyone dares to speak (except me) but actually as it seems they did not do any grammar before. We did verbs last week. Maybe it was just to repeat it, dunno.
But in case they did not learned that grammar before how can they understand those 'listening-exercises' we did today and all the text reading we did? They scare me. Anyway, I am a bit bored in class actually. But hei, next week there is the first Exam and then the second course starts. Let's see how it will be then. Maybe I am going to start speaking. Haha.
As we came back from the lesson I did some laundry by hand, took a shower, did the dishes and made something to eat. Then it was time for some beauty things, my feet are thankful now.
Cuddling with honey and stuff. Continuing with Ghost Whisperer and then to bed.

Ehh, what was this entry supposed to be? Right, sunday.
Let's start with sleeping. Hey yeah, my favourite hobby at the moment. It took half the day to get me out of bed and then it took some time to get ready as I was still sleeping in my mind.
We went outside for a little walk. Decided to take the direction that leads us to Rauhaniemen ranta.
The way took a bit long as I fell so in love with the 'autumn-thing' and needed to take a thousand pictures (okay all in all we did 'just' 235).

Pictures of Trees, Light, Her, Me and so on...

We finally arrived at the 'beach' where it felt icy cold. About half an hour before I took of my jacket cos I felt warm. Okay there the sun was shining and as we arrived at the lake it was already time for the sunset. Beautiful like always.

All the times at Rauhaniemi I feel like going swimming. Maybe just because it reminds me so much of the warm summer days we spent there. Anyway, as I checked the temperatures (Air: 9 degrees, Water: 13 degrees) I took the more comfortable option and just took a look at the lake.
But Finns are crazy - as we know - and there were a few Sauna users that jump into the lake (okay actually it was warmer than outside, so maybe it would have been a great feeling)

It was a really really beautiful walk. I will for sure upload a lot more pictures within the next days but those are the first.
Honey and me were so having fun with each other and just enjoyed being together (By the way: 1000 Days) and being here. It was awesome.

As we arrived back home it was about eight p.m. or something and we just took our stuff and went to Groove. It was VIP Party that day. Means: Free entry, free food and a few free drinks.
It was really great.

Okay, honestly I was totally drunk without even paying once cent the whole night. Two drinks at the entrance (what was it? Cola with Martini? Baccardi? No idea) and five beers later I was the amusing factor I guess.
I just remember Anna and Verena that showed up at eleven sitting in front of us and Dany saying something like: "Sorry, I am not very talkaktive today." But me immediately responding: "But I am. I am going to talk the whole night with u."
From that point on everyone knew I was fuckin' drunk cos I never speak that much in general.

Oho I have to mention that the food was totally delicious, right Honey? Could eat it right now. Nam.

Some of the guys also were there and we had some shit chat and stuff, was kinda funny but all in all we left at 1 a.m. cos 1. I ran out of coupons 2. Dany had university on monday and 3. I was told that someone likes my nose. Fucking perverted asshole. I hate nose. That was the wrong way...

I honestly can't remember how I got to bed. I do know the walk back home and getting upstairs but no way, no memory of taking my clothes of or going to bed. Hmm.. I felt great the next morning. No headache, no nothing. And for the first time for weeks, I didn't feel sick. Good medicine.

Yeah yeah, that was about sunday.
Tomorrow I guess I'll upload the rest of the pictures and for now I go to bed. It is 2.22 a.m.
Time to sleep.
Kind dreams to all of you.

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