Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to

Honey and me are so much in cuddling mood at the moment. No clue why.
Maybe it is just because of this cosy and cool autumn weather that gives you the feeling you need closeness to get some warmth and comfortability...

Anyway, we were just out today for a short trip to the city. Wanted actually to buy some pens for our 'Week-Plan'-Board stuff but the shop moved and it was too late to go to some that is further away. So we paid a little visit to H&M and Seppälä. We need gloves! Urgently. Cos it is that cold already that your hands start to freeze.
But we didn't find any suitable. Let's check out some more within the next days.
Then we decided to buy some food and stuff at Lidl. Nam.

After carrying the heavy bags home, we cuddled again. I went to the kitchen to prepare some rolls and baking some little cakes, we ate with a cup of milk aside. Nam,nam,nam.

Back in bed, we cuddled even more, hold each other tight and watched some more episode of Ghost Whisperer.
That's how does can always end. ♥

And just because my girlfriend thinks this woman is totally beautiful (okay she is really good looking) I needed to post another picture. And by the way, we just watch the series because we love her clothes. Maybe. Haha.

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